Hey (Florida) west-coasters and spring-breakers!—if you're in the Tampa area March 3rd-5th, head on over to Nude Nite and check out "Deus, Deus meus" and "Library Lounge," along with all the other art and entertainment.

Nude Nite Tampa 2011

Head on over to The Trolley Barn in Tampa for a glass of limoncello and everything Nude Nite has to offer. Among the art offerings you'll find two of my prints:

Deus, Deus meus transposes Verse 2 of Psalm 63 onto a false idol of the nude variety:

My soul thirsteth for thee; my flesh also longeth after thee.

Luckily God's in all things.


After combining the Library Lounge logo with a come-hither nude, I found out the New Orleans lounge had been recently renamed. This brought up the thought of a last call—in some back room lounge with a librarian—guess too many library visits have twisted me! This image was submitted to the jurors with the caption:

Last call in the Library Lounge. Read my story. Write ours.

OK, great literature it's not—but, should you find yourself in The Trolley Barn, I hope you enjoy both images and any stories they might invoke in you...

Mark Reichert
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