about Folios

There are of course many schools of thought associated with photography, but two of the many sometimes debate whether photography is best appreciated on a wall, typically larger-scale or at some distance, as in a gallery or museum, or whether photographs are best appreciated on a more intimate scale in one's own hands—as in a book or when handling individual photographs. (Obviously both!) A photomaru folio is defined as a loose collection of prints packaged in a folio cover where the images can be ordered as in a book, but that can also be taken out, handled and enjoyed as individual photographs. Individual photographs or, of course, all photographs in a folio can definitely be matted/framed and placed on the wall if desired (so much for competing schools of thought!). photomaru folios consist of archival pigment prints on 8-1/2" x 11" paper, where the size of each image tends to be on the order of 6" x 9".

Mark Reichert
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