Nude Nite Orlando 2011 Impressions

Thanks to the huge crowds that came out for Nude Nite Orlando, and to those that stopped to admire "Water Holding," with insightful comments on the circular frame-in-frame composition and the implications of the New Orleans quote, to the simpler, tactile tracing of a nipple by a husband for his pregnant wife, and eloquent reviews […]


Nude Nite 2011 Special Offer!

A special giveaway offer for Nude Nite Orlando and Tampa attendees!


Nude Nite Tampa 2011

Hey (Florida) west-coasters and spring-breakers!—if you're in the Tampa area March 3rd-5th, head on over to Nude Nite and check out "Deus, Deus meus" and "Library Lounge," along with all the other art and entertainment.


Water Holding

There are many inherent hydrologic vulnerabilities of living in the greater New Orleans metropolitan region, especially in areas below sea level. Post-Katrina repairs and strengthening have reduced some of these vulnerabilities. Nevertheless because of the possibility of levee/floodwall overtopping—or more importantly, levee/floodwall failure—the risks of inundation and flooding never can be fully eliminated by protective […]


Nude Nite Orlando 2011

If you're in the Orlando area February 10th-12th, check out "Water Holding" at Nude Nite!


Library Lounge

Last call in the Library Lounge. Read my story. Write ours.


Deus, Deus meus.

My soul thirsteth for thee; my flesh also longeth after thee.

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